Cape Fear Songs CD

Cape Fear Songs

1. Cape Fear Song (Nathanson/Golden)-the black water river has been a highway for mariners, pirates and poets for three centuries. There’s not a thing the old river doesn’t know about the past.

2. Riverbend (Golden)-the winds on the Cape Fear blow from the west toward the ocean a few miles away. They shape the clouds and spectacular pastel sunsets at the river bend below old Wilmington.

3. Spring (Golden)-the beauty of butterflies, lilacs and fireflies make vivid images for song lyrics. The secret pathway to the willow pond leads back into childhood daydreams.

4. Cold Frosty Morn (Traditional)-the tune dates back two centuries to Ireland and is a delight to play. The ice crystals pop as the cold wind and the morning sunrise struggle over mountain peaks.

5. Appalachian Sunrise(Golden)-this is the spoken sequel to Cold Frosty Morn. This song was written for the 1981 concert in Thalian Hall, Wilmington’s Civil War-era theater.

6. Light at Maco Station (Nathanson/Golden)-Joe Baldwin, the conductor on a passenger train into Wilmington, was killed in an unusual train wreck in 1867. People in the Cape Fear area believe the light is Joe’s signal lantern...and that he’s out searching for his head.

7. Autumn Song (Nathanson/Golden)-this song was the first product of John and Rob’s songwriting together. The guitar rhythm whirls the singer through a nostalgic look back on his early career and a “chance” encounter with love...a love that grows stronger as he mellows with the years.

8. I’ll Be Homeward Bound (Nathanson/Golden)-began as a short theme and sound track for a local TV series on adopting children. The theme’s popularity inspired John to add lyrics and Rob re-arranged the music into a full-fledged song.

9. Play Me Your Saddest Song (Nathanson/Golden)-the radio has been an important means of sharing music in the Appalachian mountains ever since the Carter family and Vernon Dalhart recorded ballads in Tennessee and Virginia. This song has a modern format but its sentiment is universal to fans of late night radio.

10. My Refuge (Traditional)-Rob and one of his guitar students, Mike Todd, arranged the traditional English melody for classical guitar. John added words from I Chronicles 29 thus combining psalms and prayers with a favorite music theme to produce a song of joy.

11. Michael, Row The Boat (Traditional)-this song grew from a Georgia Sea Island story and traveled the world on the trade routes of the sailing ships.

12. What I Didn’t Want Was Ghosts (Golden)-house hunting in Old Wilmington can be interesting when unwanted guests prowl the attics and safety tunnels of some of the oldest homes

13. Sing Carolina (Nathanson/Golden)-celebrates the good life of North Carolina from the
mountains to the sea.

14. Virginia Dare (Nathanson/Golden)—the first English child born in “The New World” was named after the land she was born in and she became part of the Lost Colony, North Carolina’s 400-year-old mystery..

15. The Battle at Moore’s Creek (Nathanson/Golden) —the little bridge over widow Moore’s Creek was the scene of an important victory for the Patriots on 27 February 1776. They defeated 1500 Loyalist Scots who were marching to Wilmington to join the British Army.

16. Lost and Found Colony (Nathanson/Golden)—is a parody of the Lost Colony adventure from the point of view of the natives who witnessed it.

17. Summer Daydreamer (Nathanson/Golden)—going far away from home in search of dreams makes a lonely time for one left behind.

18. Gold in Carolina (Nathanson/Golden)—the discovery of a 17 pound gold nugget on Reed Creek near Charlotte, NC, led to construction of the Charlotte Mint in 1835, the scene of this fictitious robbery.

19. She Is an Island (Nathanson/Golden)—an ode to any one of our sea islands from Ocracoke (Cape Hatteras) to Bald Head (Cape Fear).

20. Pirate’s Name (Nathanson/Golden)—two of the notorious pirates who sailed the Cape Fear were Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet; they both had their careers ended in late 1718.

All music arrangements by Rob Nathanson Produced by John Golden
Recorded by Randy Drew at Twin Oaks Studio in Rocky Point, NC

John Golden—lead vocals
Rob Nathanson—guitars, bass and harmony vocals
Tom Harder—fiddle, mandolin and piano
Duke Ladd—keyboards
Paul Daniels—electric guitar


Available at:

The Golden Gallery
The Cotton Exchange
Wilmington, NC 28401

COVER: Watercolor by Mary Ellen Golden

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